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EXTRA!  EXTRA!  Here’s the update!

Dear Friends and Community Advocates:

Even though the online news source you’ve been expecting has not yet launched,  please know that restructuring is underway, which, in many ways, broadens the scope and depth of our stories.  Each month that goes by is showing us that the impacts of government policy and/or actions truly know no geographic boundaries—whether those are our city, county—and even state lines.

Of course, understanding how our tax dollars are being spent is important.  As is knowing “the backside” of the headlines flashing across our phones and tablets constantly.   We will not write just to fill space or simply to beat broadcasters in their coverage of breaking news.  Documents will be read in-depth; if one expert’s opinion sounds reasonable, we’ll look to others to bring additional perspectives to the story.

Simply put, by missing our internal deadlines and slipping past the launch date we promised,  we’ve taken additional time to reflect and expand our thinking.  No longer will this be The News Tribune Digital.   Soon we will announce our new name, key members of our team, and the launch of what comes closest to being described as a pilot, out of which our news coverage will expand at a deliberate pace.

Thank you for your unwavering support.


Our News Team


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